Reminiscing About Missed Vacations? Put Your Energy Into This Map Coaster DIY Project

Feeling a little restless as we approach our one-year anniversary of life in quarantine? To combat the jitteriness you’re undoubtedly experiencing, take all those discarded maps of your favorite vacation spots and make something beautiful out of them! Since you’re stuck inside your apartment home and likely looking for a DIY project to busy your hands and mind, try your hand at this particular one for map coasters. Once they are completed, you’ll be reminded of all of your very favorite and special destinations every time that you reach for one.


• Maps
• Cutting mat
• Round cork coasters, in Natural
• Craft knife
• Foam paintbrush
• Glue sealant


1. Place map on a cutting mat, printed side down, then place cork coaster on top.
2. Cut out circles from the map by tracing the coaster with a craft knife.
3. Use a brush to apply glue sealant to one side of the coaster, covering completely. Adhere back of map circle to the coaster, smoothing to remove bubbles.

Whether you prefer to create new home décor or get your hands dirty outside of your apartment, Haven at Bellaire Apartments in Richmond, Texas has you covered with the coolest DIYs around!

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