These TV Series Will Provide Hours of Entertainment on Whichever Streaming Platform You Choose Cover Photo

These TV Series Will Provide Hours of Entertainment on Whichever Streaming Platform You Choose

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Whenever you turn around, there seems to be a new TV show being recommended by a friend or family member. From Disney+ to Netflix, there is so much content out there to enjoy that it can be difficult to know where to start. For this reason, our apartment community wants to offer you some tried-and-true TV favorites with numerous seasons that make for the ultimate binging party. Whether you’re craving a comedy or a drama, all these shows feature a bit of both. Check them out below, courtesy of the premier apartments on 99 Grand Parkway!

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time takes all your favorite childhood Disney tales and brings them to life in a much darker format. You’ll see a cast filled with the classic characters you’ve come to know and love. Although the show has had to reinvent itself in recent years, the series remains a delight and must-watch if you love Disney movies or have run out of titles to stream on Disney+.

The Flash

With constant crossovers and great attention to detail, the first season of The Flash flies onto our top list of streamable shows on Netflix. The Flash represents a growing DC Comics universe coming to life on The CW, and needless to say, it’s an awesome treat for comic book fans. If you’re not familiar with the plot, a young boy gains supernatural powers allowing him to run—really fast—after a tragic accident involving his mother. Compelling, addicting, tear-jerking? We’re going to go with yes, yes, and yes!

Grey’s Anatomy

The long-running ABC drama smash-hit, Grey’s Anatomy, shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The series transports viewers in a Seattle hospital to give non-essential workers insight into the daily lives of doctors and nurses. Grey’s Anatomy has scored several Emmy’s over the years, and for good reason! It’s ever-evolving plot and cast of characters have kept viewers intrigued for fifteen years! And, now you can stream all 17 seasons on Netflix!

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